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The Process of Build a Custom Web Application


Analysis and Audit

What will your business need? Our custom web application development professional sit down with you and your team to get your distinctive desires and use that info to raised inform our style techniques. once you give to us your favorite web applications that are missing the mark, we tend to repose on that information to bring you a custom web application that checks all the boxes.

Prototyping and Blueprint Testing

Sometimes there’s over one answer to your custom web application development wants. At Split Reef, our custom web application development consultants develop multiple styles, then slender down the choices for you. Our prototypes are still strong and might offer you a plan of what we will do to assist your business grow with a custom web app.

Pick the Right Tech

There’s a bevy of various programming environments and languages that we are able to use to develop your custom web application. Our custom web application development team analysis and take a look at the technologies accessible to US and opt for the simplest ones to assist us produce stunning and purposeful web web apps.

Application Testing

Before delivering your new custom web apps, our teamsend it through rigorous testing to make sure it’s the simplest quality product. this implies sussing out errors that require correction and guaranteeing that the info is secured safely inside the appliance. Our custom web app development team conjointly make sure that it works across multiple browsers and might handle nerve-racking many knowledge and usage.