The only app you will need

Material Design

Android uses a brand new style trope impressed by paper and ink that has a assuring sense of somesthesis. Our styleer are planning apps around Google’s new design language known as Material style for a protracted time currently and are prepared for Google’s new design language.

64-bit apps

Google will require all Android apps to be 64-bit beginning in August 2019. 64-bit apps, not only address more RAM, but also provide better platform security and performance. Apparently, we already build app using a 64-bit framework and employe native libraries.

Latest API Level

Google updates its API level once a year. generally even doubly a year. New API level brings new practicality apps will deliver. luckily, we provide support and development for the most recent mechanical man sweet and API level. mechanical man apps are backward compatible by default.

Daydream & ARCore

AR and VR are currently a core a part of automaton OS because of the introduction of Daydream and square measureCore by Google. though restricted by variety of handsets supported, the support is well and growing. Meanwhile, our automaton app developers have already developed a handful of apps.

App Screen